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ATV safari Zavala

Brief description: Whole day (8-9 hours) of ATV adventure. Discover hidden villages and beautiful landscape of Bosnia and Hercegovina through 110 km of road and off-road. Enjoy in incredible panorama views with a taste of homemade food and drinks at the local restaurant. Take the opportunity to visit Vjetrenica cave, a subterranean wonderland of lakes,stalactites and stalagmites (Unesco-listed largest and most important cave in the country and the Dinaric Alps)

Included: Fuel, Refreshment, Tour Guide, Transfer, Entrance to the cave

08:30-09:15 Transfer to departure location Čelopeci, Župa dubrovačkac (safety instruction, equipment check )
09:15-09:40 Start from departure location to border – 2km
09:40-12:20 55 km long trail through local villages of Bosnia and Hercegovina ( short brake )
12:20-13:40 arrival at Zavala ( Vjetrenica cave ). Lunch at local restaurant – homemade food
14:00-15:00 visit to Vjetrenica cave with professional guide
15:00-18:10 return through Popovo polje (vineyards and fruit yards ), local villages 55 km long trail

* Our ATVs have capacity for 2 people. If you wish to go with someone in pair, make sure to select ‘extra person’ at the checkout process

Additional information
* all passenger must have a valid passport with them
* all drivers must have a drivers licence
* by making your reservation you agree to our terms of service
* make sure you leave all necessary information at the checkout process


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