2h Buggy Safari Tour
Panorama Tour Srđ Hill with Panorama Tour Malaštica Hill

Driving along rural roads and through a pine forest, we will reach the Srđ Hill, one of the most visited locations in Dubrovnik. Srđ Hill is located above the city of Dubrovnik and since ancient times it has been a natural shelter of the city of Dubrovnik from the strong wind “Bura”, but also the invasions of various conquerors throughout history. On the Srđ Hill, after Napoleon's army conquered the city of Dubrovnik, the construction of the Fort Imperial began, which was completed by the Austro-Hungarians. The fort had a great strategic impact on the defence of the city, especially during the Homeland War of the 1990s. Nowadays, it houses the Homeland War museum. Next to the Fort Imperial, there is a large white stone cross with an altar and the upper station of the cable car that connects the Dubrovnik city with Srđ Hill.

dubrovnik view

The stunning panoramic view of Dubrovnik Old Town, the island of Lokrum, the Elaphite archipelago and the Adriatic Sea from this place is impressive and unforgettable. For this reason the Srđ Hill is one of the most popular places to visit in this area and we will make sure you won’t miss it!

Located in the immediate vicinity of Dubrovnik, Župa dubrovačka is a beautiful place consisting of coastal villages, a fertile field and the impressive Malaštica Hill in the background. Malaštica Hill with a height of 625 m forms the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. During our tour, we will drive through the authentic villages of this area, the forest and macchia on the macadam road all the way to the top of Malaštica Hill. It is evident that the slopes of Malaštica have been exposed to large fires in the past, so that low vegetation prevails. Driving the macadam road can be overwhelming because of the steep landscapes you will pass to reach the top of the hill. The peak itself is quite steep towards the sea side and the whole slope is amphitheatrically shaped, which contributes to its overall attractiveness.

malastica view

The panoramic view of the Župa dubrovačka villages, its bay with islets and the medieval town of Cavtat from the top of the Malaštica Hill is breathtaking and we are sure that you will take some of the most beautiful photos of your vacation right here!

*During both of our suggested half-day buggy safari tours, we will pass through the mentioned towns and placed. But if you wish to visit and explore them in more detail then the same programs will be conducted as full-day tours with a duration of 8 hours.